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16 Items

If you really want to be in the loop, you have to stay up to date with the latest belts. There are those that say any ol’ belt will do — all it has to do is keep your pants up. But ignore those naysayers and listen to us yaysayers (is that a word?): your belt should be more than functional; it should be stylish and an equal partner when it comes to the handsomeness of your outfit. We make the best-fitting pants and denim, so we would be doing them a disservice if the belts holding them up weren’t also top-notch. That’s why we used the best materials, including genuine leather, rich suede, and soft cotton, all crafted into designs both classic modern. Want a dressier belt for your new suit? Try a Premium Leather Dress Belt. Something more relaxed for your favorite denim? Our Leather Jean Belts can match their cool. And if you want to go even more laid-back, a woven stretch belt will you have walking in comfort (there’s even a golf belt, if you’re up for a quick 36 holes).