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Pocket squares may seem unnecessary at first thought, but if used correctly, they can transform your suit in any formal setting. The purpose of the pocket square is to enhance the colors and design of your suit beyond that of what's inherently included in the suit. The best way to pull off the perfect pocket square is to pick a color that vibes with your suit and tie. If you're wearing a classic navy suit, you can play it safe and get a white pocket square with navy trimmings. Or, you could get a navy square with white polka dots. Either one of these options will be subtle and look good. Another route you can take is with contrast. If you want to pop, pick a pocket square that has a primary color in contrast with the suit, and a secondary color that matches the suit. A navy suit could look good with a red and navy pocket square, for example. Of course, material plays a big role in pocket squares as well. The material brings texture and will change the way the square can fold in your pocket. Silk pocket squares are super popular because it's very thin, soft and can let off vibrant colors. It also folds very easily without creasing. Silk pocket squares come in the biggest variety of colors and patterns as well. We have plaid, pattern, printed, navy, burgundy and a variety of other options in our silk pocket squares. Aside from silk, we've got Linen which gives off a more matte color and has a visible texture. Finally, we've got cotton pocket squares which fold nicely and have a thicker texture. Don't forget to check out our matching ties to go complete the look.